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Request for Applications (RFA)

Progressive Life Center (PLC), on behalf of the Department of Youth Rehabilitation Services (DYRS) is seeking grantees to provide year-long and bi-annual scheduled programming to support youth committed to DYRS. Depending on the category of grant selected, there will be a projected start date of October 1st, 2023, or April 1st, 2024.

This Request for Applications (RFA) announces the agency’s intention to invest in community-based organizations to provide the most rigorous, effective, appropriate supports and services for our youth. The Department of Youth Rehabilitation Services (DYRS) seeks eligible entities to propose innovative enrichment engaging programming and activities to support referred youth, and their families and community youth. Proposed programming should include programming to support positive youth development or domains. PLC encourages applicants with unique proposal ideas for rehabilitation as DYRS seeks to innovate the breadth and extent of services provided to our youth, families, and community.

All applications must be submitted by Friday, August 4th, 2023, at 5pm. Applications must be submitted by email to No applications will be accepted after the deadline. Applicants must submit ALL documents related to the grant in ONE (1) email. Applications that do not include all the required documents will not be eligible for review.   PLC strongly recommends that applicants use appropriately descriptive file names (e.g., Narrative, Budget Narrative, Proposed Budget, Separation of Duties, etc.) for all attachments. DYRS recommends that applicants submit resumes in a single file.

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