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Help PLC realize our vision of an ACE Center in Prince George’s County, Maryland; Newark, Delaware; Philadelphia, Pennsylvania and Baltimore, Maryland.

Imagine, as a child, the trauma of being yanked from your home and the only parents you have ever known. This on top of the traumatic physical, emotional or sexual abuse and/or the neglect that prompted the removal. 

Trauma is related to lasting changes in the brain, and a child who lands in foster care is guaranteed to have experienced significant trauma. The odds are against foster kids – just read the stats below. This is why PLC’s ACE Center recognizes and evaluates the needs, obstacles and potential of each child. ACE embraces and becomes part of each child’s community, offering group and individual counseling, academic rehabilitation, recreation, career counseling and cultural enrichment, toward happiness and fulfillment. Click here to read the full paper

With your help, PLC can give foster kids some of what has been taken away. Please join in our effort with a generous donation and together, we will destroy the odds.

  • One in four foster children are experiencing PTSD, and former foster youth are twice as likely to have PTSD than a U.S. war veteran.
  • Foster youth are three times more likely to be expelled and twice as likely to be suspended.
  • Only about 50% graduate from high school, and 3% from college.
  • Once youth age out of care, 20% become instantly homeless and 33% live below the poverty level.
  • Only half of those who age out will have gainful employment by the age of 24.

Thank you to the National Foster Youth Institute or providing these national statistics. Learn more at

ACE’s professional staff addresses academic and emotional needs while helping kids feel the embrace of a community that needs them to succeed.