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antar bush

Antar Bush is a public health advocate, educator, writer on social justice issues, and owner of OUTPour LGBTQ Productions a YouTube channel dedicated to Black Queer pop-culture and social justice. Antar trains and collaborates with non-profit organizations, medical schools, homeless shelters, and university counseling centers to help them create safe, justice-oriented policies and practices. For over 10 years, he has been helping social service agencies build greater capacity in the workplace. Antar, also does consulting on fundraising, organizational leadership, and cultural competency. Outside of the office Antar loves mentoring other men of color, and speaking internationally on topics such as intersectionality, health disparities, dating in the digital age, and the effects of slavery on African Americans today. Antar’s belief is that the world is built on the strength of communities. Having this view of the world propelled him to focus on undeserved populations; ethnic and cultural minorities, the kinky/poly/queer communities, and victims of economic hardship. His signature combination of warmth, humor, and compassion allows people of all backgrounds to improve their relationships and live the lives they desire.

2020 Conference Workshop
Post Traumatic Slave Syndrome (PTSS): Understanding how Healing from the Past Can Give Us All A Brighter Future

P.T.S.S. is a theory that explains the etiology of many of the adaptive survival behaviors in African American communities throughout the United States and the Diaspora. It is a condition that exists as a consequence of multigenerational oppression of Africans and their descendants resulting from centuries of chattel slavery. A form of slavery which was predicated on the belief that African Americans were inherently/genetically inferior to whites. This was then followed by institutionalized racism which continues to perpetuate injury. Resulting in the following:

  • Multigenerational trauma together with continued oppression;
  • Absence of opportunity to heal or access the benefits available in the society; leads 
  • Post Traumatic Slave Syndrome.

The goal of the workshop is to demonstrate to clinicians how to recognize when PTSS is present when engaging with clients, and how to empower everyone (black and white) to start the process of healing.