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Progressive Life Center reinforces our need to embrace the bright side with an annual Positive Psychology presentation/training. Positive psychology is the scientific study of the personal convictions and behaviors that enable individuals and communities to thrive. In general, the positive psychology theory is highly aligned with PLC’s NTU model, which emphasizes the role of spirituality in healing. 

In that light, the ability to be creative gives us the confidence to meet problems, challenges, or opportunities that comes our way.

The Progressive Life Center, Inc. (PLC) Creative Expression gallery highlights the works of our multitalented employees. Our staff get to show off they aren’t just talented in the field of social work or administration — they shine in creative ways away from work as well. 

Among this year’s entries is the PLC Day 2020 – Virtual Experience Black Lives Matter Sip & Paint canvas’ by our esteemed team of painters – Carrie Moore, Philomena Owiredu, Teresa McCane and Shauna Robinson.

Meet the Artist

“Yes, all lives matter, but you have to see how black lives are being destroyed due racism and social injustice. This is why BLACK LIVES MATTER now and forever. #BLM #SandraBland #BreonnaTaylor #TrayvonMartin #GeorgeFlyod #SayTheirNames” PLC Day 2020 virtual experience. 

By Carrie Moore
Development and Executive Office Administrator and Assistant to the CEO/President

Spoken Word


By Antonisha Busby

ICAN Lead Case Manager & Clinical Social Worker

“This was my 1st painting I did as an adult and occurred when I was 2 ½ months post-partum. I scheduled a baby sitter and it felt so good to be out with other adults and putting my paintbrush to the canvas, and not to mention, having a glass of wine. That night, I knew I had to continue painting because it made me feel free to express myself on a canvas and do things that made me happy.”

By Kianga Bunch-ThompsonQuality Assurance Specialist 


“America is Mad At Black People 

For saying “Black Lives Matter”

We are mad for having to say it at all.” 

PLC Day 2020 virtual experience – #BLM 


By Shauna Robinson, Maryland Regional Recruitment, Training and Licensing Specialist


Without rain nothing grows
Learn to embrace
The storms of your life”

Shauna Robinson, Maryland Regional Recruitment, Training and Licensing Specialist

“We are all created equal by one God; let’s love one another.” PLC Day 2020 virtual experience – #BLM

By Philomena Owiredu, Staff Accountant

“This is one of my favorite paintings. It signifies being a sister and lifetime member of the Alpha Kappa Alpha Sorority, Inc. (AKA). Initially, the colors were not supposed to be pink and green, but I decided to venture out and paint something that made me feel like I belonged. I joined this black Greek organization during my undergraduate studies, 7 years ago. I have gained great sisters and I am continuing to develop many awesome relationships with like-minded individuals.”


By by Kianga Bunch-ThompsonQuality Assurance Specialist 

Black is.. Beautiful 

White is.. Purity 

Love is.. Powerful 

Together we are unstoppable!” 

PLC Day 2020 virtual experience – #BLM


By Teresa McCane, Staff Accountant

“Singing has always been a part of me. I do it because it’s a gift but it also allows me to express myself as well as uplift others” 

Song Title | Thank You

By Sarina TateActivities and Events Coordinator

“Bubble gum,

Jump rope, 

Giggles and curls

Fairytale wishes

Make up little girls!”


Shauna Robinson, Maryland Regional Recruitment, Training and Licensing Specialist