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You may remember Evette’s 2020 co-presentation:
NTU Principles & Their Implications on Societal Racism: The Power of Interconnectedness
Being a part of the solution…in a time of heightened racial discord and social unrest, this interactive workshop takes a dive into the NTU Principles: Harmony, Balance, Interconnectedness and Authenticity.   Presenters will specifically examine “Interconnectedness” as a catalyst for addressing and challenging biased social norms and creating space for paradigm shifts.

Evette Clarke transitioned into the human service field in 1999 as a Senior Family Counselor at Progressive Life Center, Inc.  Throughout the past 20 years, Mrs. Clarke served in the capacity of Clinical Supervisor and Program Director.  She worked in such programs as NJIA Intensive Intervention Youth Diversion Program, Family Preservation and Healthy Families.  For PLC, she is currently Program Director for the Kinship Care Program, African American Domestic Violence Faith-Based Training Initiative, Illumination Excel (workforce development program), and is Regional Director of the Prince George’s County office.  She is a co-facilitator of PLC’s NTU service-delivery model which uses an Africentric, holistic, strength-based and culturally-competent approach to serve children, youth and families in achieving optimal mental health and emotional well-being. She is also a certified instructor for two evidenced based-trainings, Triple P Parenting and Mental Health First Aid.