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“Love Like You’ve Never Been Hated.”
Dr. Bruce Purnell is the founder and executive director of a community-based nonprofit organization called The Love More Movement. He is a psychologist, author, artist, speaker, and community activist. As a direct descendent of Underground Railroad conductors, Station Masters, Freedom Fighters, and Educators, like his ancestors, he has dedicated his life to creating a world where Love, Joy, Peace, Hope, Purpose, Equity, Transformation, and Liberation
are lifestyles.

Through Dr. Purnell’s journey, he has instructed at The University of Cincinnati and The University of Lagos, Created a Legacy Foundation at Howard University, and Conducted Academic and leadership Boot-Camps at Bowie State University. His latest initiatives involve building Community, Mobile, and Virtual Safe and Brave spaces called Healing Stations and Home B.A.S.E.’s and a methodology to train Transformative Life Coaches & Healing Leaders
(T.L.C.H.L.). His legacies include founding Seniors Offering Unconditional Love (S.O.U.L.) and an international, grassroots Mental Liberation movement called “The OverGround Free-Way.”

Dr. Purnell currently serves as a subject matter expert for The Black Mental Health Alliance, SAMHSA, The American Psychological Association, The Vera Institute of Justice, Common Justice, and The Department of Justice for topics involving Trauma-Informed Practices, The mental health of Boys, and Men of Color, Fatherhood, Family Preservation, Suicide Prevention, Substance Use, Abuse & Addiction, Victims of Violent Crimes and many aspects of violence,
mediation and models for restorative justice.

Healing in the Land of WizzOz: BuildShop for Holistic Healing and Transformation in the Spirit of Our Ancestors

Mental Health Practitioners often tell those who have experienced emotional Trauma to find a way to love themselves and infuse a self-care practice into their lives. However, just like in the Wizard of Oz, Dorothy, the Scarecrow, the Tinman, and the Cowardly Lion were on the yellow-brick road to see the Wizard because self-Love and other voids were not accessible. They suffered through unnatural and dangerous journeys because their hope for healing resided within an external force, the Wizard.

In the Spirit of NTU, participants will understand how Harmony, Balance, Interconnectedness, and Authenticity connect to our healing Journey, Ancestors, and Spiritual Center. This connection also allows us to begin the Journey of healing from past Trauma, emotional pain, and toxic stress. Maintaining our recipe of “Healing, Energy, Affirmations, and Love (HEAL)” is crucial to ground ourselves in the Frequency, Energy, Vibration, Elevation, and Reflection (FEVER) of Love, Light, Joy, Hope, Peace, Purpose, Liberation, and Transformation.

In this build-shop, we will take a journey on the Yellow Brick Road and help five travelers who have lost their way through different pathways of unresolved Trauma. In this presentation, we will tap into well known stories of unresolved trauma through the stories of Medussa, The Grinch, Hermey, Rudolph, and
Little Man. We will discuss what this journey looks like in 2022 and find strategies for them to Heal and connect with Harmony, Balance, Interconnectedness, and Authenticity.