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In York, Pennsylvania, PLC operates HOMEBUILDERS ®, a nationally recognized, evidence-based program designed to strengthen families, keep children safe and prevent unnecessary out-of-home placement or safely reunify children with their family following a removal from home. It provides intensive, in-home crisis intervention, counseling and life-skills education for families who have children at imminent risk of placement, or have children in placement that cannot be reunified without intensive services.

Key Principles of the HOMEBUILDERS ® Model:

Child and Family Safety-addressing risk factors that minimize threats, family violence, abuse and neglect. Providing services to ensure that children’s basic needs are met and diminishing the threat of out-of-home placement.

Family Stabilization-working with families within their own value system to improve communication and relationships. Identify needed resources and supports for families.

In-Home Placement-recognizing that many children thrive more when living with their family and surrounded by their natural support systems. Disruption and displacement create emotional distress for the family as a whole. Permanency with a healthy nurturing family is optimal for all children.

Independence & Self-Sufficiency-equipping families with tools, skills and resources needed to maintain stability and a healthy quality of life.