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2020 Conference Workshop
Practical Psychology: The Importance of African Psychology (NTU) in the Fight for Social Justice
Dr. Menzise explores various aspects of psychology and how they can be used as tools in the fight for social justice.

Jeff Menzise is a proud graduate of two of our finest HBCUs, receiving his Bachelor’s and Master’s degrees from Fisk University in Psychology and Clinical Psychology, respectively. He finished up his academic training at Howard University majoring in Clinical Psychology with a minor in Developmental Psychology. Along with his Ph.D., Menzise earned a graduate certificate in International Studies with a concentration in Political Science and Information & Culture. A native of Cincinnati, Ohio, he maintains his professional and social ties to his hometown by serving as a consultant to several grassroots organizations, educators, and his fraternal lodge: St. John’s No. 3, PHA.

Dr. Menzise is active globally and locally. He has worked with Ministries of Education in both the Caribbean and West Africa, providing professional development for teachers, administrators, families, students, and mental health staff. He is known locally for his dynamic presentation style, bringing insight to thousands via his community workshops, courses, and lectures. He has most recently been invited to work directly with Taraji P. Henson and her foundation (The Boris Lawrence Henson Foundation) during their inaugural conference and benefit banquet scheduled for June 7-9, 2019 in Washington, DC. Specifically, Menzise and Henson will co-host a community Town Hall Meeting to address mental health access and overcoming the barriers of stigma and affordability.

As a scholar, Dr. Menzise has presented a multitude of papers and workshops around the world, and has authored six books (there are 3 volumes undergoing final edit at this time). Menzise is teaming up with Dr. Jerome Schiele to update Schiele’s groundbreaking text on culturally competent social work, Human Services and the Afrocentric Paradigm, which will be published by Taylor & Francis in 2020. He has been featured on popular radio and television shows and in national newspapers and magazines; he is also the creator of hit radio show “Mind on the Matter.” He is in the process of developing an anti-racist toolkit for presentation at the forthcoming National Association of Independent Schools’ (NAIS) annual People of Color Conference (POCC), which drew more than 7,000 attendees last year. Menzise is currently an Associate Professor with the Morgan State University Institute for Urban Research and the immediate past president of The Association of Black Psychologists, DC Chapter