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2021 Conference Session
System Science and NTU Psychotherapy: Linking Ancient and Modern Approaches to Health and Healing

As a human services worker in Washington, D.C. and Maryland, Kristal C. Owens recognized the need for integrated and holistic services for children, youth and families.  Dr. Owens founded Empowerment Center (EC), a 501(c)3 nonprofit organization, to help communities to empower themselves and discover both personal, familial and communal resources to live, learn and grow.  She is a recipient of the 2015 U.S. Congressional Recognition for outstanding and invaluable service to the 4th Congressional District and for improving the quality of life for men, women and families.  

EC is today working in Washington, DC and Maryland to help individuals to recognize and maximize their social capital, strengthen total well-being, improve interpersonal relationships, and alliance with others.  During each first Sunday, EC offers a meaningful (first Sunday only) Sunday morning empowerment meeting (non-religious/non-sectarian) for individuals of all faith traditions that is therapeutic, humanistic and holistic.