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Pamela dedicated more than 30 years serving in the US military as an Army officer and as a Defense contractor. She worked classified assignments throughout the US and in Iraq, Kuwait, Egypt, Jordan, Saudi Arabia, Korea, Russia, Africa—including Special Operations battle simulation center exercises, aviation communications electronics, White House-level communications and diplomacy. Pamela was selected from an elite group of Army officers to attend the US Naval War College and from the top 10% of Army Lieutenant Colonels selected to serve as Battalion Commander, leading 800-1,000 technical personnel and support staff. She traveled with the President of the U.S. worldwide and directed telecommunications wherever the President was onsite. She dramatically improved command, control, communications (C3) support to the President and his staff. She served in this Presidential Communications Officer role on two different occasions for a total of 4 years during her military career. As a military officer and Program Manager, Pamela was responsible for the high profile relocation of 21,000 personnel, developed 6M sq. ft. of office space and $3B in military construction at Fort Belvoir, VA.

After retiring from the military, Pamela taught advanced university-level courses in Consequence Management, Homeland Security Organizations, Environmental Economics, Quarantine, and American Government for the American Public University.

As a Defense contractor, Pamela has business development experience with Defense contracting firms, including a brand-new company. She brought in multi-million dollar contracts and coordinated requirements with Raytheon, Grumman, Boeing, Honeywell—and with DoD organizations. She managed 40+ science and technology (S&T) programs—through leadership and contract management, she successfully instituted new ways to streamline the contract award process, while identifying new sources of funding.

Pamela is currently the Founder/Owner of The PAMCO Group, residential care facilities and employment services for adults with intellectual/developmental disabilities in Northern Virginia and rural North Carolina; the Founder/President, Community Care Networks, a 501(c)3 nonprofit serving low-income individuals, with disabilities, including veterans; and the Founder/Owner of property management firms in Northern Virginia and North Carolina, and a licensed real estate agent in Virginia. Pamela has had great success as a real estate agent. She is very good at working with people and taking business concepts from inception to long-term success.