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PLC is a major provider of human services in Philadelphia and bordering Delaware Counties, Pennsylvania. Learn more about what we’re doing by clicking on the links below:

520 N. Columbus Blvd, Suite 801
Philadelphia, PA 19123
Ph: (267) 238-1480
Fax: (267) 238-1497


Foster Care Since 2004, PLC Philadelphia has offered wrap-around foster care services in Philadelphia and Delaware Counties. We identify, train, certify and support the continuing education of treatment foster parents. In partnership with the Department of Human Services, PLC matches parents with children and supports the family throughout the placement.
Adoption Since 2007, PLC Philadelphia has been a Statewide Adoption Network affiliate, managing child and family profiles, providing child preparation services, and permanency training for prospective parents, and finally, matching children and families. Our pre-adoption effort is extensive, because with all our hearts, we want to ensure children have a save, loving and permanent home.
Resource Home Care In 2012, we began offering focused support to an additional population of foster parents through Resource Home Care, working with foster parents to promote child safety and permanency.
Parents Progressing with Life Since 2004, our highly successful Parents Progressing with Life has empowered parents with positive parenting techniques during a series of 12 evening classes that include Communication with Respect, Punishing Inappropriate Behavior, and Managing and Expressing Feelings.