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Click here to download our preferred poster template.

Once you have received notice that your abstract has been accepted, your digital poster must be submitted no later than October 28, 2022 to be considered for conference inclusion.

General Guidelines:
  • Submit your digital poster as a PDF to If you don’t receive confirmation of receipt within one business day, please call (202) 842-4544.
  • Your poster must reflect the accepted abstract.
  • You must be available to host your poster presentation for a time yet to be determined between noon and 3pm on November 11.
  • Be prepared to discuss your poster with conference attendees.
  • You must credit contributing authors or sources.
  • Make it easy to read and visually appealing. Here are a few tips:
    • Limit the number and size of fonts to just a few. Sans serif fonts tend to be more readable on a screen.
    • Limit the number of colors, and because colors display differently on different screen, think about reviewing your poster on a few different screens.
    • Use bullets to improve the flow. Most people like to skim, and long paragraphs get in the way of this.
    • Info-graphics are great, but beware of cluttering your poster with too many or irrelevant images.
  • Turn to your advisor or other trusted leaders for guidance. We are sure they would love to help!