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To ensure that youth in make a successful transition from foster care or juvenile justice, PLC runs a scattered site, semi-independent living program for young adults, 18-21 years old, who have been referred and assessed by the Maryland Department of Human Services.

The program provides a high level of support for youth and their families so that they gain the life skills needed to become independent, capable and productive citizens. Our program is housed in residential communities that are within close proximity to public transportation throughout the county. Residences consist of 1-bedroom and 2-bedroom apartments. Supervision, monitoring and staff support are provided at all residence programs 24 hours a day, seven days per week.

Our program is guided by what’s in the best interest of the youth. We incorporate NTU, an Africentric, culturally-centered and spiritually-based psychotherapeutic treatment model developed by PLC. Because NTU is culturally sensitive, competency based and values driven, this service delivery model increases our success rate for treatment and healing.

Program Highlights
  • Effective for pre and post-adjudicated youth
  • Provided up to 18 months or age 21
  • Minimum of four site visits by staff per week
  • Participants must sign a Statement of Commitment contract