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2021 Conference Session
Black Women in Academia: Maintaining Psychological Well-Being Using NTU Informed Strategies

Vanessa received her Bachelors in African American studies from the University of California, Berkeley, her masters in Community Psychology from Florida Agricultural and Mechanical University (FAMU) and is now pursuing her PhD in Clinical Psychology at Oklahoma State University. While attending FAMU, her research advisor and lifelong mentor (Dr. Robertson) chaired her thesis that focused on suicidal ideation among college aged Black women. At FAMU, Vanessa was introduced and immersed in African/Black psychology in which she learned the value of drawing upon the rich history, philosophies, traditions, values, beliefs, rituals, and perspectives of African cultural thought and wisdom (i.e., the African Worldview) indigenous to Africa and its peoples. FAMU not only assisted in grounding her theoretically, but also introduced her to NTU Psychotherapy, which are the principles she desires to genuinely live by and orient her psychological approach when working with clients. She fervently desires to continue learning and growing from Black healers who utilize NTU Psychotherapy.